Friday, August 17, 2012

Phoenix Needs New Leadership for House Legislature District 30

I am a candidate for the Republican Party, House of Representatives Legislative District 30.  As a native of Phoenix, an Eagle Scout and an involved participant in the community I choose to be the sound voice for Phoenix. As as a recent MPA graduate of Grand Canyon University Ken Blanchard Business School I know what businesses need most - cooperation from state government.  Now is the time to restore our Constitutional values including Family, Faith and Freedom.  The family unit is the sole institution by which individuals, families, communities, businesses, governments prosper.  Phoenix needs a strong representative who will ensure that this is accomplished and that Arizona will remain competitive for our future children, to create sustainable jobs, which allows everyone an opportunity for success in our great state. My campaign is dedicated to the constituents within my district and to solve all challenges with the outlook of forward thinking and honest solutions. As a principled conservative, our fiscal house must be in order.  There will be storms ahead in which we must ensure we are financially prepared to meet any and all challenges to our state.  I believe that our American values will sustain us through our challenges and our opportunities will allow us to prosper and become what we are destined to become.  November 6, is not just an election day to decide who will be your voice, but it is a day to enable your state to become better, more accountable, and above all to ensure that your government is working for you - THE PEOPLE.

Thank you for your trust, and your consideration and please vote for Aaron Gidwani!

I am Aaron Gidwani and I approve this message.

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